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Thank you for your interest in serving in the Student Ministry! 419 Student Ministries is an exciting and rewarding place to invest your life. God is using the men and women that serve in this ministry to make a huge impact on students in our community. There are many opportunities to serve and all of them are vital to our mission. It is our desire to help you find a place to serve that best fits your natural gifting, interests, and schedule.


STAFF LIAISON: Mauricio Villasenor, 972.495.2713,

RELATIONAL LEADER: These leaders build relationships with students before/during/after the service! High schoolers need strong adult relationships more than ever. They may not think you are cool, but if you show up, they know you care! It’s about knowing names, grabbing coffee on the side, following them on social media!

SECURITY TEAM: This position helps with the safety and care of our students each week. The Security Team is responsible for making sure the Firewheel Campus is a secure environment.

MEDIA: You help make the action happen. Environment matters, as we invite the Holy Spirit to join us for our large group gatherings. From lights to sound to running whats on the screen!

Fuel Group

STAFF LIASON: Mauricio Villasenor, 972.495.2713,

These leaders meet weekly with a group of high school or middle school students to lead discussion and Bible study. They also maintain personal contact with each student in their Fuel Group through calls, cards, and outside-class activities.

FUEL ADMINISTRATOR: Administrative leaders record attendance and provide leaders with reports and contact information.

ELEVATE Home Group

STAFF LIASON: Mauricio Villasenor, 972.495.2713,

Host Home: Once a month, these leaders open up their home to a group of high schoolers to take a break from the walls of everyday life. It’s a place to relax and be real! Your responsibility is simply to open your home and be a great host, allowing students to see you care!

Home Group Leader: We provide the food, you provide the conversation! Your role is to engage students and not really dig deep into a lesson, but challenge them to take off their mask and be real. It’s about discipleship/accountability/authentic community!

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