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1) Goody’s

As soon as you step into the heart of the village, you’ll smell Goody’s before you see it. Freshly poured crepes, ice cream, baked goods, a coffee bar, smoothies, burgers, and sandwiches, oh my!

2) Shirt Off My Back

Shirt Off My Back, located right in between Goody’s and Pizza Pedal’r, is the perfect spot to find a souvenir t-shirt, sweatshirt or hat – because if you went to Journey and didn’t buy a Winter Park t-shirt, did you really even go to Journey??

3) Treeline Treats

If dessert alone wasn’t enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, head to Treeline Treats. Located in the Riverside building of the Zephyr Mountain Lodge, Treeline has just about every type of candy you can imagine, as well as tons of flavors of popcorn. Make sure you take advantage of the mini ski-lift seat out front-it’s the perfect photo op for your Insta!

4) Trail’s End

Mom made you promise to bring her back a souvenir? Head to Trail’s End, the biggest shop in the village. They’ve got t-shirts, keychains, cups, snowglobes-just about everything! The left side of the store has a mini grocery store as well, so whether you’re craving a Pop Tart or Pringles, they’ve got you covered!

5) Pizza Pedal’r

Winter Park is known for being an awesome place to ski, but it’s also got killer mountain biking trails, which inspired the name, decor and style for Pizza Pedal’r.

6) Starbucks

Craving an iced white chocolate mocha? A pumpkin spice latte? A grande iced sugar-free soy vanilla latte with caramel and hazelnut? Okay, obviously I know nothing about coffee-but I do know that you can pick up your favorite caffeine fix right in the middle of camp!